13 benefits of losing weight you never thought of! Part 1.

Nov 18, 2020

illustration of healthy food crashing toward fats inside your artery

Losing weight decreases the risk of diabetes, lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels, decreases the risk of heart disease, improves blood sugar levels, and improves mobility. Sounds familiar? If so, then you already know some of the benefits of losing weight. But did you also know that apart from the obvious health benefits we have just mentioned, there is a plethora of other, sometimes surprising advantages of shredding a few pounds?

Our body image dictates how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with others. When we feel good and confident in our skin, our psyche benefits and so do the people around us!  So, get ready to slim down with the help of your dietitian in Brooksville area (award) and prepare for these 13 surprising benefits that will come along with a trimmer figure!

1. You may be able to put away your medication

We mentioned above that reaching a healthy weight can ward off things like diabetes and heart disease, but it is also true that losing weight can help improve the symptoms of your current conditions.

As times passes and you keep shredding pounds in a healthy way, you might be able to take lower doses of your medications or even stop taking certain meds altogether. This is not only beneficial for your liver but also for your pocket. Less meds = less cash spent and no side effects!

We do not recommend putting away your medication without a prior consultation with your physician. But remember, our weight loss clinic in Spring Hill and the Brooksville area has both a registered dietitian and a physician on site. Contact the best dietitian in Hernando County today and see what types of changes she thinks the slimmer you might benefit from!

2. Natural flavors will taste better (You may even re-discover old flavors!)

Interesting fact: overweight people have less taste sensitivity than their slimmer counterparts. In other words, taste buds become dull as people gain weight. The theory behind this is that taste buds become dulled with overuse and that there are hormonal shifts that take place during weight gain and loss, which may change the way taste receptors communicate with the brain. Bizarre but true!

3. Your joints will be grateful

One of the key aspects to aging gracefully is keeping the joints healthy. Excess weight not only slows you down, but it also strains your joints by putting more wear and tear on knee cartilage, which may then lead to a painful condition called osteoarthritis. Overweight people often don’t realize how much extra weight they carry every day. Contrary to what you might expect, dietitians, physicians and personal trainers even discourage young people with excess weight from jogging until they shred a few pounds. It is not because they don’t want to see weight loss; they are simply worried about the impact. Losing a few pounds with low-impact exercises will enable you to strengthen your muscles and reduce the strain on your joints so you can get into other activities you might love.

4. Your sex drive will… skyrocket!

This is super curious: as your BMI lowers to healthy levels, you become more easily aroused. How come? Well, thanks to rising testosterone levels! One study revealed that heavier men had testosterone levels comparable to slim gents nearly a full decade older. However, a mere 10% loss of body weight was shown to skyrocket sexual satisfaction! With every pound you lose, you will feel lighter and less self-conscious in the nude and that can additionally increase your desire to get it on.

Many of us may not quite be where we want to be with our physiques yet, but the rewards already await in the bedroom! And it will only get better! Yay! ?

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Check back next time for the rest of the surprising benefits of weight loss and remember: Losing as little as 5% of your body weight can have a huge impact on your health. If you and your dietitian in Brooksville area decide your lifestyle and eating habits need to be improved, weight loss will come as a desired but natural side effect of the changes you implement.

Contact your dietitian today and find out how easy it is to change your lifestyle and lose weight if you have professional support by your side!