3 Alternatives to Chocolate Advent Calendars

Nov 18, 2020

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As December begins we reach a new high of excitement for the holidays. Festivities and decorations are already taking over our streets. We don’t mind the day getting dark slightly earlier, because it brings out the charm of the fairy lights and street markets. However, only one thing is missing until the 1st of December – the chocolate advent calendar.

We all know that allowing yourself one piece of chocolate per day is not going to destroy your weight-loss goals. However, I am sure there are others out there who eat most of the box in one day. If there is no way that you can control such cravings, or stop people from gifting you an advent calendar, we are giving you 3 DIY waistline-friendly alternatives.

1. Your Healthy Favorites

Food is delicious. And this applies to all food groups, not just candy. Everyone has some wholesome food that they can’t get their hands-off. So, instead of allowing yourself one chocolate per day, have a handful of peanuts, or a bowl of plant-based ice cream.

In “Volume Eating: The Key to Holiday Weight-loss” our expert Brooksville Dietitian suggested some easy everyday swaps from high-calorie to low-calorie food that will not sacrifice your tastebuds! Not only will this support your weight-loss journey, but also give you satiety.

2. A Challenge for the Day

We all like a challenge! The satisfaction from completing something difficult, or even giving it your best shot is an extraordinary feeling. It always makes us feel proud, content and stronger!

Therefore, this holiday season we suggest for you to write down 24 things that you have been wanting to attempt or have been struggling to do in the past. These do not have to be directly related to weight loss, such as doing 10 press-ups. This alternative is all about being healthy and giving yourself a good mindset and a positive experience. Your list can include going to the gym, trying to cook lasagne from scratch, not drinking coffee for a day, catching up with your loved one – anything that will give you joy and reduce stress.

After all, feeling good makes you motivated to achieve more!

3. Family Activities

This alternative is great for people who struggle to stay motivated! Sit down with your loved ones and create a calendar filled with amazing family activities that also promote your weight loss journey. We know that having a support network can work wonders. By engaging your family, it will be harder for you to come up with silly excuses.

The list can contain activities for children, such as playing in the snow or collecting some leaves and twigs for a craft project later in the week. Or something more general like going on a 30-minute walk. This is all up to you!

When weight-loss is done properly, it is not sweat and tears!

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