3 challenges of losing weight and how to deal with them

Dec 21, 2016

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When it comes to losing weight, people tend to go in two different – both extreme – directions. There are people who decide to go on a diet right away and they change all of their eating habits almost overnight – switching from fast-food, soda, and sweets to lettuce and broccoli. There are also the ones who start the diet ‘tomorrow’ – and that day never seems to come. Why is so difficult for people to lose weight in an efficient, healthy, AND enjoyable way? We believe it’s simply because they lack the tools to help them succeed. It is that much easier to lose weight if you have a professional helping you achieve your goals, from setting up a realistic diet plan based on your lifestyle to valuable advice and support whenever you need it. It is a bit like canoeing; obviously you can do it alone, but it is so much easier and so much more fun to do it in a tandem!

Hernando County weight loss company, Batista Weight Loss & Wellness, has the leading Spring Hill Dietitian, who can take you on a journey to your perfect weight. She knows tips and tricks to make the process easier for you. She is also very experienced with common obstacles you may face. For example, below you will find 3 main challenges to weight loss and efficient ways to deal with them:

  • Hernando County weight loss – Craving calorific foods

Dealing with cravings is the biggest challenge of all dieters. When you give up certain foods, your body resists and send your brain demands to fill up on the foods you are missing (for example fries and chicken tenders!) But there are ways to trick it! The good news, your body will eventually get used to your new eating habits and stop craving the usual junk food. In the meantime, you can still enjoy your favorite foods by making a healthy version of them. Instead of putting your chicken in batter and deep-frying it, try using fresh herbs and spices and bake the chicken breast in the oven. It has just as much flavor but way less calories.

People on a diet often find themselves binge eating, which leads to major remorse and usually leads to people giving up their diet completely (‘what’s the point?’). Why are we binging? Because our willpower is limited. If you keep denying yourself that piece of cake, you will snap at some point and eat the whole thing, just to make up for the time you were depriving yourself of that pleasure. Simple advice – EAT THE CAKE. You can be on a diet and still enjoy your favorite foods! The trick is to lessen the portions and frequency of eating caloric foods. One piece of cake will not put your diet at risk, but, ironically, not having it can!

  • Spring Hill Weight Loss – Dealing with Loneliness

This is the one that no person on a diet sees coming, but it is often the reason people give up their new healthy habits. Why? Because it’s difficult to spend all your time with people who do not care about the food they eat. Working out alone is no fun either. That’s way finding a ‘diet buddy’ is so important! You need someone who understands why you’re doing what you’re doing and cheer you up when times get rough.

That person can be found at Spring Hill Weight Loss center, Batista Weight Loss. Our Hernando County Dietitian will offer you the support you need to achieve your goals in easy and attainable steps. If you’d like to find out more about our Spring Hill Weight Loss program or make an appointment with the Registered Dietitian, Contact Us today.

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