3 tools that will help you lose weight (Part I) + FREE Printable

Nov 18, 2020

3 tools that will help you lose weight - 3 women in workout attire

Are there ever days you wished you had something to help you achieve your weight loss goals? The process itself can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you haven’t really been on a diet before. Don’t worry – thanks to these 3 tools, you will find your journey to a better health (and a better body!) much more… digestible, so to say! Since technology makes so many things so much easier, why not use it to your advantage when trying to lose some weight?

In this article, we will tell you about a couple of apps that we know for a fact you will find very useful. Apart from that, we also share a couple of tricks that will help you stick to your diet plan. And speaking of a diet plan, it’s actually one of the tools. Want to know why people on a customized diet plan are 80% more likely to lose weight permanently? Check out number 3 on our list! Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it. Here are 3 tools that will help you lose weight:

1. Food journal

A food journal is a great asset, and if you don’t have one, you should definitely get one ASAP. What is it? Basically, it’s a notebook where you keep a record of everything you eat and drink during the day. You can also monitor your workout sessions, the amount of water you consume, your weight and measurements, and more – the possibilities are endless. There are many food journals already available in stores; however, you don’t need anything fancy (meaning: expensive!) to take advantage of this tool. A simple notebook will do just fine. Here is a simple food journal template page that you can print multiple copies of. To get the best out of the food journal, be honest and consistent.

For some people, it’s best to keep their journal with them wherever they go – that way they can write down their meals as they go through the day. Others find it easier to write everything down in the evening. Whatever you choose, the end result is you keeping track of everything you ate and drank that day. This will give you an idea of how much you consume and find things you can improve in your diet. It also keeps you more motivated to make smart food choices!

Here is another food journal with more details.  Check out a WebMd printable Food & Fitness Journal.

2. Workout apps

How can workout apps make losing weight easier? In our opinion, they are great for many reasons:

  1. They give you tested solutions. You can browse hundreds of different exercise routines, choosing the duration and intensity according to your ability
  2. They make it possible to track your progress by saving the workouts you’ve done so far (with time, you’ll see that your workouts are becoming longer and more intense!)
  3. They remind you about your commitment – every day, they send you a reminder so that you never forget about a workout!
  4. They often provide easy-to-follow tutorials on how to do the exercises

There are many, MANY apps you can use, so we encourage you to do your own research to find the ones you like the most. Here are some of the apps we recommend: Workout Trainer Aaptiv 7 Minute Workout

3. Customized diet plan

A customized weight loss plan comes in handy when you’re really determined to lose weight but are not sure how to tackle it. A customized weight loss plan is catered to your needs so it’s much easier to stick to. It provides guidance, eliminates the element of uncertainty in meal planning or counting calories, and keeps you accountable. In our Spring Hill Weight Loss center, we offer customized weight loss plans from just $190. What does the plan include?

  • Blood work to look at your overall nutritional and health status
  • An EKG
  • A physical evaluation from a physician
  • Appetite suppressants
  • A consultation with the dietitian to review the plan in its entirety along with medicines and vitamins
  • Customized dietary menus and recipes
  • Weekly follow ups to monitor progress
  • Once your weight loss goals are achieved, a FREE 1-hour session with the dietitian to review your maintenance program
  • FREE MAINTENANCE and continued support until you are comfortable with your success

If you’d like to find out more about our customized weight plans, have a look at our website here.

Weight Loss in Brooksville – About Batista Weight Loss

If you’re looking for someone to provide you with professional help and guidance on Weight Loss in Brooksville or Spring Hill, you’re in the right place. Our weight loss clinic in Spring Hill is proud to have two experienced clinical staff members who are available to help you develop and meet your weight loss goals. We have a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian onsite, as well as a Medical Doctor. Read more about our Spring Hill Dietitian. Having such qualified staff gives our weight loss clinic the clinical skills and experience required to meet a range of weight loss needs. Everyone is unique. This means that not all weight loss goals are the same; furthermore, not all techniques work universally. Our Dietitian will meet with you on a one-on-one basis to create a customized weight loss plan and treatment schedule specific to your individual requirements. Depending on your exact circumstances, your treatment plan may include any of the following:

  • Weight Loss Plans without Appetite Suppressants
  • Dietary Programs for Medical Conditions
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Diet Management
  • Ultra Slim Shot Injections