Boosting your metabolism: Part 1

Jan 30, 2019

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You’re doing well with your new dieting strategy, but gradually the results of your hard work are fading – you no longer experience the same results. Slowly you’re reaching a point of plateau at which it doesn’t matter what you do or how much. The results are just not there! We have all been there, scratching our heads at what it is that we are doing wrong.

If you do not have a Hernando Beach Dietitian who can identify the specific problem for you, then it is likely that your reduced metabolism is limiting your weight loss accomplishments. Below, we explain how to do a self-diagnosis, why boosting your metabolism is a must to reach your weight loss goals. Continue reading and we will tell you how you can get started today!

What is metabolism and why you should boost it?

Metabolism is the process your body uses to extract and burn energy from food. Metabolism is commonly referred to as your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). This process allows us to breathe, think, digest, circulate blood, keep warm and stay cool. More specifically, metabolism is made up of three things:

  1. basal metabolic rate (BMR) – number of calories burnt to maintain organs’ and bodily functions;
  2. non-exercise adaptive thermogenesis – active things you do every day, like walking and fidgeting;
  3. exercise.

Raising your metabolism increases how much energy is extracted and burnt from food, thus making you burn more calories and lose weight. It can be the best thing for you to successfully get on with your weight loss in Brooksville!

Is my poor metabolism slowing me down?

If you are engaging in starvation diets or other “crash diets” designed to radically reduce your calorie intake, you are in the right place because usually these diets do more damage than good. Our Hernando Beach Dietitian explains that with time your body will go into “starvation mode”. It means that your metabolism will slow down because your body will think it needs to store fat and burn less calories. Why? In order to protect itself from “starvation”! At the beginning you will see your weight reducing, but these results will slow down alongside your metabolism. Sounds familiar?

Not only are starvation diets likely to reduce your weight loss results now.  They are likely to have negative consequences in the future. Research shows that slow metabolism is hard to reverse, so even once you return to your regular diet your slow metabolism will make you gain weight!

How to boost my metabolism?

Raising your metabolism is difficult, but it is doable. Considering what constitutes metabolism, there a few areas through which you can target your metabolism.


In short, keep a balanced diet. A healthy ratio of fats, carbs and protein in your food will keep your body functioning optimally. Research shows that the thermic effect of food – how much energy is needed for digestion – affects your BMR. Protein and fibre rich foods burn more calories than carbohydrates and fat. Also, those calories in a higher proportion will go towards digestion and absorption. These foods are proved to increase your metabolism even hours after consumption.

Remember to keep your diet BALANCED. Do not completely ditch any other foods! Your body still needs fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal function. Also, do not eat too little as your body will adapt to the smaller intake of calories and your BMR will drop.

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To stick to your weight loss in Brooksville goals remove alcohol from your diet. Once alcohol enters our system, your body will do its best to quickly break it down and remove it. Hence, it will neglect other crucial processes, including metabolizing food, making them inefficient and slower.

Green tea and water are great alternatives. They are both naturally sugar-free, so you only get the beneficial nutrients out of them, not calories. Green tea is rich in polyphenols – antioxidants, and catechin, which is proven to increase metabolism by improving fat oxidation and thermogenesis (production of heat and energy from digestion). Drinking cold water also boosts your metabolism as your body uses energy to heat it up to your body temperature.

Habits and activity

Our Hernando Beach Dietitian says that increasing your physical activity and eating breakfast are the easiest and most effective ways of boosting your metabolism.

You can start by introducing more exercise into your life – walking more often, taking the stairs instead of the elevator – and after a week or two once you’re used to this, you should introduce workout routines. Preferably, you will reach a point where you are able to carry out regular HIIT and heavy lifting exercises as they boost your metabolism the most.

Eat early breakfast. If you postpone breakfast until lunch time, your body will assume that you are fasting and slow your metabolism down. Eating breakfast will also give you more energy for the day ahead whilst boosting your focus. Therefore, to keep your metabolism active try eating smaller portions of healthy foods, but more often.

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