Boosting your metabolism: Part 2 (9 things that increase metabolism)

Nov 18, 2020

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We have already talked about what metabolism is, why it is important to boost it if you want to experience weight loss in Brooksville and what our Hernando Beach Dietitian suggests you should do to boost your metabolism.

Having high metabolism allows you to extract more energy from food, burn the calories faster and as a result lose weight quicker.

You can achieve your weight loss goals, enjoy your meals every day and make minimal changes to your daily habits, all at the same time! How? Here’s a list of 9 things you can start doing today to boost your metabolism.

1. Drink cold water

Drinking plenty of water is always a good option for losing weight. Often our bodies confuse thirst with hunger, so if you don’t drink plenty of water then you might be overeating. Also, water reduces the initial feeling of hunger – at least for some time. BUT, drinking cold water can give you direct results of weight loss in Brooksville because it requires your body to use energy to heat the water up. Meaning that your metabolism is at work!

2. Drink green or oolong tea

Tea is naturally sugar-free, contains some caffeine and is rich in polyphenols – antioxidants and catechin. All of these increase metabolism by improving fat oxidation and thermogenesis, which is the process of producing heat and energy from digestion. Simply saying, these teas help convert stored fat into free fatty acids, hence, increasing fat burning and making that metabolism work a sweat.

3. Give coffee a shot

Studies show that caffeine from coffee helps increase metabolic rate – consuming around 3 cups of coffee per day burns additional 100 calories that day. Also, coffee boost metabolism indirectly by increasing the person’s level of activity. Coffee initiates burning of fat for energy,  making you more motivated to move around and exercise. The extra movement leads to further rise of metabolism, and weight loss.

4. No alcohol!

Ah, the good old nights out! You can still have them, but put the alcohol aside. When you drink alcohol, your body will focus on removing it, thus neglecting other crucial processes. Drinking alcohol, therefore makes your food digestion and metabolism slower and less efficient.

5. Eat an early breakfast

Our Hernando Beach Dietitian preaches that breakfast is the most important meal in the day. Avoiding breakfast makes your body think that you’re fasting and its natural response is to slow down your basal metabolic rate (BMR). And we know that getting your metabolism back up is not that easy. Eating breakfast also gives you energy for the day ahead!

6. Protein, fibre, more protein and more fibre

Protein and fibre increase your metabolism the most out of all the foods. They cause the largest boom to metabolism because of their thermal effect of food, or non-exercise adaptive thermogenesis. This means they burn the most calories when digested, absorbed and processed. Proteins and fibre also make you feel more full and reduce the likelihood of muscle loss when dieting.

However, do not neglect other foods! A BALANCED diet is a must. Just make sure to add protein and fibre to your every meal.

7. Try that hot chili

Chili peppers have been proven to boost metabolism because of the presence of capsaicin. Studies show that capsaicin (chili peppers) can help burn around 50 additional calories on a daily basis. Chili peppers, therefore, boost metabolism by increasing calorie and fat burning. Plus, chili peppers are proven to reduce appetite, so having a small spicy snack before each meal can reduce how much you eat.

8. Gradually introduce more exercise

Firstly, you need to stand up more! Sitting down for prolonged periods can contribute to many health conditions, such as, obesity, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and early death.

Your end goal is to do regular HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and heavy lifting exercises. These require quick and intense bursts of energy. Therefore, they initiate more fat burning and a prolonged increase to the exercise component of your metabolic rate. However, you can take your time to get there. Start by replacing a drive to work with a brisk morning walk, or an elevator ride to your apartment with a steady climb up the stairs.

9. Sleep more

Our Hernando Beach Dietitian says that lack of sleep causes stress, trouble with concentration, weakening of the immune system and weight gain. Facing your cravings after being up for many hours makes it almost impossible to say no to snacks. Midnight snacking not only makes you consume more calories, but also makes you feel more hungry in the morning.

The University of Chicago states that sleep deprivation creates a hormone imbalance. Your leptin levels decrease – you feel less full, and at the same time more ghrelin is released – you feel more hungry. This makes you THINK that you’re hungry, when you’re actually not.

So, keep your metabolism healthy, sleep more! Easy peasy!

Like with all things, the extent of the results vary from person to person. You might see the results after one week, or after one month, but the results will definitely be there! Do not forget that increased metabolism means feeling hungry more often, but just follow the above 8 things and weight loss in Brooksville will come to you with minimal effort!

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