Calorie Counting Alternatives

Nov 18, 2020

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In our last article “Is Calorie Counting Outdated?” we explained why calorie counting has been under fire recently. After all those investigations have been published, it is easy to see why it’s justifiable to move away from calorie counting and focus your weight loss journey on your lifestyle and eating habits instead.

Today, our fantastic Hudson weight loss expert will go through three different ways in which you can ensure weight loss without having to look at the back of the box!

However, we emphasize that even those might not be giving you optimal results. Your best option is to consult a dietitian and design a customized weight loss plan that matches your body and lifestyle perfectly.


The formula for calorie counting is still correct, however, it is not so reliable when applied to people – outside of the lab. Therefore, to achieve sustainable weight loss in Hudson we suggest following an alternative method of managing your daily calorie intake.

Eat smaller portions

Research shows that larger portions led to a greater energy intake regardless of serving method, or individual characteristics. They also discovered that 30% more energy is consumed when a larger option is offered. Therefore we suggest to serve yourself portions smaller in calorie count – not necessarily size. Vegetables are much less calorie-dense than other foods – 1 cup of broccoli comes at 31 kcal, whereas the same mass of ice cream comes at 285 kcal.

Conclusion: either eat the same things, but in smaller amounts, or stack up your plate with veggies, fiber and protein, which give you greater satiety.

Choose foods that use more calories

In our article “Boosting your metabolism: Part 1” we explain how metabolism works, and today we will focus on the idea that foods require different levels of energy to be digested and metabolized. This is called the thermic effect of food. High fiber and protein foods take more work to be digested, and foods made up mostly of water, like cucumbers, are much easier to process. For example, one gram of whole-grain bread, or bread made with refined flours provides around 4 kcal, but whole grains use up some of that energy to aid digestion. Additionally, food that requires more work to be digested is generally healthier.

To ensure weight loss in Hudson you don’t need to count calories – just incorporate more fiber and protein into your diet and the numbers will do themselves.

Get the right kind of calories

According to US data from 2010 Americans get 70% of their calories from plant-based sources and 30% from animal-based products. However, a staggering 22.5% comes from added, processed fats, and oils (not naturally occurring fats) and 14.8% comes from added sugar and sweeteners. Therefore, the remaining 62.7% of calories come from fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs. With fruit and vegetable consumption only making up a collective 8.3% of the average calorie intake.

Wow, this means that on average Americans get 29% more calories from processed unnatural foods, than fruit and veg. Our suggestion is pretty obvious: swap processed foods for naturally occurring ones. This means that if you are craving sugar, eat a fruit salad with natural yogurt, instead of a bowl of ice-cream. And there are great recipes available online for natural plant-based desserts you can easily make at home, like nice-cream, or overnight-oats.

calorie counting alternatives

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