Customized Weight Loss Plans

Customized Weight Loss Plans

Here at Batista Weight Loss in Spring Hill we create a customized weight loss plan to meet your specific needs, dietary requirements, and weight loss goals. The “one size fits all” approaches offered by commercial weight loss plans very often do not actually fit individuals. Our dietician will conduct a thorough intake of your medical history, dietary needs, weight loss goals, and other relevant information in order to make sure that your weight loss plan fits you perfectly and gives you the best chance of reaching your goals.

What does the Customized Weight Loss Plan Include?

  Look at your overall nutritional and health status
 Electrocardiogram, or EKG
 Appetite suppressants
 A consult with the dietician to review the plan in its entirety along with the medicines and vitamins
 Weekly follow-ups to monitor progress
 Once your weight loss goals are achieved, a FREE 1 hour session with the dietician to review your maintenance program
 FREE MAINTENANCE and continued support until you are comfortable with your success

How much does this Weight Loss Plan Cost?

$350 to start and $60/hour includes your doctor appointment/ Dietitian appointment, medications, vitamins, body fat percentage check and an optional vitamin B12, B6, MIC injection. Consultations are Free. For more information about how a customized weight loss plan can help you meet your weight loss goals, please visit our Spring Hill Weight Loss Clinic or New Port Richey Clinic or Contact Us at (352) 600-3476.