Drinking Lemon Water: The Myths and The Cons

Nov 18, 2020

lemon dropped in water - Drinking Lemon Water: The Myths and The Cons


  • Doesn’t change the pH of the blood

It is commonly believed that drinking lemon water alkalizes your body, which is only true for your urine. Drinking lemon water will not affect the pH of your blood, as the kidneys regulate our body’s pH, not the food we consume.

  • Doesn’t flush out toxins

Water plays an important role in helping naturally eliminating cellular waste. But, there is no evidence to support the claim that lemon water clears out any toxins.


  • Damages tooth enamel over time

Lemon water is perfectly safe to drink. Although, considering that it has an acidic pH, the habit of drinking it every day for a prolonged period of time can make your tooth enamel deteriorate. To tackle this problem, Medical News Today suggests that you either drink it through a straw, or wash it down with pure water. Also, because the lemon with cause an acid-softened state to your enamel, wait with brushing your teeth for about one hour after you have drank lemon water.

What we think

As our Hernando Beach Dietitian explains in “Why is having a customized weight loss plan important?” creating a customised weight loss plan with an expert dietitian ensures optimal results are acquired safely and with ease. Keeping that in mind, both water and lemon are natural ingredients and lemon is incredibly wholesome. So, we don’t see how a glass of fresh warm water with lemon in the morning, or at night, could harm your Brooksville weight loss goals. Feel free to give it a try!

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