Fasting 101

Nov 18, 2020

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Fasting and intermittent fasting (IF) have recently boomed as a weight loss tactic. However, fasting is not something new. Fasting is promoted by many religions with the belief to bring you spiritual benefits, and sometimes it is prescribed by doctors to help improve medical conditions like diabetes, arthritis and even cancer.

Of course, like with all dites, the effects differ from person to person and oftentimes only the benefits are brought to light. Therefore, in this article our expert Hudson Dietitian will break down fasting and give you our recommendation.

What is fasting?

The act of fasting is a very simple concept. As the Wall Street Journal explains it is simply the act of restricting calories, or nutrients for a period of time. However, the purpose of fasting is much more important, and complex. For some it is a spiritual experience, for others an exercise of controlled deprivation, or a tactic to improve your brain efficiency as a result of ketosis.

However, the weight loss approach to fasting and intermittent fasting has only become popularized in 2012 by a BBC broadcast journalist Dr Michael Mosley’s documentary Eat Fast, Live Longer and book The Fast Diet. Followed by many best sellers, documentaries and studies.

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What does fasting do to your body?

There is a lot of promising research available and being conducted into intermittent fasting. Studies have shown that IF is safe and effective for health improvement, but not much more than other diets. However, a growing body of research suggests that for the fasting diet, the timing is key and it is a more sustainable, realistic and effective strategy for weight loss and diabetes prevention.

Our recommendation

At our practice we believe that starvation, or crash diets are not your best port of call for weight loss in Hudson. Initially they will lead to weight loss, but they also slow down your metabolism to protect you from starvation. It is easy to slow down your metabolism, but it takes time for it to build back up again. In our article about metabolism, we explain what it is, why it is important to keep it high and how you can do it!

We recommend that before you attempt any drastic dietary change, consult us! Every person is different – has different needs, lifestyle, pre-existing health conditions, etc. Our dietitian specializes in creating customized weight loss plans that are created after a careful health and medical examination. Therefore, you can trust us to give you the advice that will fit your weight loss plans and targets perfectly!

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Our highly qualified weight loss experts at Batista Weight loss and Wellness: Susan West-Opyoke, RDLD; John Batista, M.D.; Stephanie, M.A; and Valerie, Office Staff, together have decades of experience working with weight loss patients.

At Batista Weight loss and Wellness we believe that successful weight loss depends on two factors – the knowledge about how to lose weight and following through on your weight loss plan. Our experts will provide you with a customized weight loss plan, and regular face-to-face interaction and motivation.

To create your own customized weight loss plan with us and achieve sustainable weight loss in Hudson don’t hesitate to contact us on (352) 600-3476 or drop us a visit at our clinic: 443 Mariner Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34609, USA.

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