Fasting for Weight Loss: Clever Idea or Risky Endeavor? Part 1.

Nov 18, 2020

a glass of water

It is said that the practice of fasting has been around for as long as human civilization. Considered by many a positive behavior that can aid fast weight loss and body detox, fasting may cause extreme harm to one’s health. ESPECIALLY if done improperly by those who should avoid it in the first place. In today’s post we are answering several burning questions, including the one we hear most frequently in our weight loss clinic in Hernando County –  whether or not fasting is good for weight loss.

Why do people fast?

People fast for many different reasons. Some fast in the name of their religious beliefs and some to demonstrate a devotion to an idea or a greater cause. History has shown that abstaining from food can be used as a means of making a peaceful protest or a statement. More often that not, however, people fast because they believe in the health benefits that fasting is thought to provide – fat burn and detox.

For a long time this has been an ongoing debate: is fasting indeed good for your body or is it causing more damage to your health than you think?

What exactly is fasting?

Fasting is a broad term used to describe any sort of abstinence from food, drinks (normally excluding water), or both for any period of time. It can be applied strictly – for instance, an absolute cessation of all food and drink consumption for a specified period of time. Or it can be more liberal – a partial limitation of certain foods and/or drinks for any period of time, even intermittently.

Who should not try fasting?

While there are undoubtedly positive benefits of fasting (which we will discuss in detail in Part 2 of this article) this form of body fuel restriction is not to be undertaken lightly, ever  frivolously.

You should always consult your weight loss specialist before you even consider such a radical course of action.

Skipping meals and severely limiting calories can be extremely dangerous for:

  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers – they  should never attempt a fast as they are under increased caloric and physical demands;
  • Those with kidney or liver diseases;
  • Patients with severely high or low blood pressure;
  • Medication-dependent patients;
  • Patients with diabetes;
  • Those who are malnourished or anemic;
  • Those who have a weakened immune system;

People with any other medical conditions should consult their doctor before attempting any form of fasting. If you are unsure about your condition, don’t waste time to wonder. Consult the weight loss clinic in Hernando County.

The truth is that what most of us need, is not an extremely radical diet, such as fasting, but a change in our mindset and approach to what we eat. We should focus on delivering healthy, clean fuel to our bodies and on our emotional and spiritual well-being. The numbers (weight loss) will come naturally as a results of the beneficial and long term lifestyle changes.

Eat better, feel better, live better! Good food is a fuel for life! Get in touch with the best dietitian in Brooksville area – we do as we preach and we have evidence to support our claims! Visit our website to find our more or all us directly at (352) 600-3476.