Hudson Weight Loss – 3 reasons why your efforts to lose weight fail

Nov 18, 2020

Hudson Weight Loss – 3 reasons why your efforts to lose weight fail

If you’ve tried losing weight in the past but did not succeed, don’t despair. It doesn’t mean you’re not meant to look fit and healthy, or that you are incapable of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You’re not weak or hopeless, either. Most people who are trying to lose weight don’t succeed due to these 3 common reasons. Keep reading about Hudson Weight Loss to find out how to avoid these mistakes and enjoy your newfound strength to stick to your resolutions.

1. Pushing your body to its limits

So you’ve decided to finally lose those extra few pounds. Good for you! Most people follow the same old formula of drastically decreasing their intake of calories, buying a gym pass, stocking their fridges with fruits and veggies… and giving up all their efforts after a week of pain and struggle they put themselves through. Why? Because they starve themselves and expect their bodies to be able to put up with the exercise regime they decided to adapt. Mind you – your body simply cannot switch to suddenly running on half of what you used to feed it and endure the long hours of exhausting exercises, especially if you weren’t much of a professional athlete before you decided to go on a diet (and it is safe to assume you weren’t!) It’s no wonder you fail – no one is able to go through something like that for more than a few days, no matter how strong their willpower/motivation is. You need to take things easy during those early days and gradually prepare your body for your new healthy lifestyle.

2. Eating for wrong reasons

We all love food. Food is essential in all of our lives, and we wouldn’t last long without it. It is the fuel that allows our bodies to function and keep the wheels turning. But food is also much more than that – it has the ability to comfort, satisfy, and make us happy. It also brings people together. Why wouldn’t it? It is the essential part of every celebration – weddings, birthdays, even funerals. For many people, however, food became a hobby. They eat not because they’re hungry but because they are bored. Many of us indulge on food simply because it’s there! Some even forgot the very concept of hunger. It is a dangerous situation when the food is no longer means to satisfy hunger and give us energy but rather something we turn to out of boredom or looking for comfort. If you’re one of those people who eat for wrong reasons, try to develop a habit of eating only when you feel hungry. Feel the difference between living FOR food and living BECAUSE of it.

3. Lacking professional guidance

Most common dieting mistakes are caused because of the amount of contradictory information that can be found in a variety of places – books, magazines, the Internet, etc. People are confused by the latest trends and different diets that promise quick results with no effort. Low-carb, low-fat, Atkins, Hawaiian… There are thousands of different ideas out there, most of them offering more harm than benefits. The only true and 100% effective way of losing weight permanently is adapting a new healthy lifestyle. If you are confused and not sure what is and isn’t good for your body, we strongly advise getting help of our Hudson Weight Loss specialist who is able to fix you up with a customized dieting plan that you can actually enjoy and will have no problem sticking to. If you’d like to find out more about our Hudson Weight Loss center or make an appointment, visit our website or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you soon!