Hudson Weight Loss – 3 ways to stay motivated on your weight loss journey

Dec 12, 2017

fit woman wearing white Hudson Weight Loss – 3 ways to stay motivated on your weight loss journey

We all want to get in better shape at some point in our life. Whether it’s for a special occasion (the wedding day, high school reunion, etc.) or just to feel better about ourselves – we all have different motives and reasons to go on this weight loss journey. The process will be challenging – and success depends on your attitude and how strong your motivation is. Some people find it easy, for others it is a painful struggle that they just can’t wait to give up. According to our Hudson Weight Loss specialist, Susan, staying motivated throughout your journey is an important part of the process and can determine whether you stick to your resolutions or not. In this article, we will show you 3 ways to keep your motivation levels high enough to keep you chasing your goals.

1. Find your goal and be VERY specific

As the saying goes – “If you don’t know your destination, you can never arrive at it”. Yes, getting in better shape is a good enough reason to start eating better and getting some exercise, but it’s not specific enough to keep you motivated. Instead of aiming at ‘losing that couple pounds’, go for something you can actually measure. It can be something as simple as being able to fit into your ‘last year jeans’. Keep them somewhere in plain sight so that they’re a constant reminder of your goal. You can also pin a photo of you in those jeans to make the goal even more worth the sacrifice. Our Hudson Weight Loss specialist recommends keeping your goals realistic, measureable, and achievable and you will be alright when the initial enthusiasm about eating well and exercising more fades away.

2. Find yourself a gym pal

It doesn’t have to be gym. Whatever exercise or activity you find enjoyable enough to keep you off of the couch is great. But even the most enjoyable form of activity can get challenging with time, especially if the weather outside is not so good (I bet you used this excuse not to go out at least once!). A great way to ensure you stay motivated and get your daily portion of exercise is finding someone you can exercise with! Having “a fitness pal” has many benefits – you can both motivate each other when the other side feels a bit demotivated, training in tandem makes the gym session/running/biking, etc. much more interesting (there’s finally time to catch up!) AND it keeps you accountable. After all, you wouldn’t want to fail your friend now, would you?

3. Reward yourself for the progress you make

As people, we are all big fans of immediate gratification. This makes the efforts to lose weight more difficult as it takes some time to see visible results. But who says you have to wait with rewarding yourself until you achieve your goal? Rewarding yourself for your small wins can be a great way to stay motivated on your journey. Here are some examples: if you managed to go a week without a single treat or stick to your decision to exercise at least 3 times a week, you can definitely cut yourself some slack at the weekend. This one [insert your favorite treat] won’t ruin your weight loss efforts and can actually give your motivation a much needed boost. In other words – take small steps and be proud of yourself for sticking to your healthy habits. That way your new healthy lifestyle will become much more enjoyable and easy to maintain.

If you take Susan’s – Hudson Weight Loss Dietitian’s advice to keep your goals specific, have a friend who you can exercise with and reward yourself for any progress you make, you can be sure your motivation levels will be high enough to keep you going. And if you’d like to make your efforts even easier, give us a call or schedule an appointment with our Hudson Weight Loss specialist who can help you with finding the best ways to achieving your goals. We look forward to be your partner on this exciting journey to a better you!

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