Is a balanced diet the key to weight loss?

Feb 14, 2019

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With every health-related article comes this mysterious phrase “a balanced diet”. The balanced diet has this magical property of making you lose weight, look amazing, reduce the risk of health problems, and so on. Everyone is aware of it. Everyone knows that they have to follow one. But what actually is it?

Well, we are here to tell you A LOT about this almighty balanced diet. You will learn what a balanced diet is, what are the benefits of a balanced diet and why weight loss in Brooksville is best achieved with a balanced diet.

What is a balanced diet?

A diet that is balanced gives your body the right amount of all the nutrients that it needs to function properly. All of the nutrients and calories should come from these 5 food groups:

  • Fruit and vegetables

These should make up over a third of your daily food intake as they are the main sources of vitamins and minerals. The British National Health Service (NHS) came up with this handy guideline – eat 5 portions of fruit and veg every day. 1 potion = 80 grams.

  • Starchy carbohydrates

Carbohydrates, dreaded by everyone attempting to lose weight. But, our Hernando Beach Dietitian will tell you that eating them is very important. Pasta, rice, potatoes and other starchy carbohydrates are sources of fibre, energy, minerals and vitamins. Whole-grain or whole-wheat alternatives contain more fibre and minerals, so try to opt for them! These should take up a third of your daily food intake.

  • Dairy, or dairy alternatives

Dairy, or dairy alternatives, are the best source of calcium. Try to have some everyday, maybe in your morning granola or with fruit for breakfast. Always go for the low fat, sugar-free, or plant-based alternatives. Be restrictive with it, even lighter versions tend to be quite fatty.

  • Protein

Protein is incredible! You can find it in meat, fish, eggs, beans, pulses, leafy greens and many more. These foods not only contain protein, but also, minerals, oils, essential fatty acids and vitamins. Protein is essential for building and repairing tissues. However, do not over-do it because excess protein will be stored as fat and the amino acids will simply be excreted. The general rule is to daily consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

  • Oils

This is probably news to you, but you actually need oils in your diet, just not the bad ones. Stick to consuming small amounts of unsaturated fat on a daily basis to reduce your cholesterol. Unsaturated fat can be found in fish, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, olives and avocados.

Of course, the exact proportions vary for each person depending on the lifestyle, activity level, dietary requirements and so on. But these guidelines are great for beginners!

Also, since your daily calorie intake should come from these foods only, to achieve weight loss in Brooksvilleavoid consuming empty calories. The USDA defines empty calories as those coming from sugars and solid fats. Eating a varied diet containing all of the above foods will give you enough natural sugars and fats, both from healthy sources.

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The benefits of a having a balanced diet.

Overall, having a balanced diet will improve your physical and emotional well-being. It will reduce your risk of suffering from noncommunicable diseases, such as, obesity, diabetes (by maintaining sustainable glucose levels), cardiovascular disease, some cancers and skeletal problems. Also, these foods will protect you from heart disease by keeping your blood pressure stable and reducing your cholesterol levels. Nutrients obtained from each food group will contribute to specific health benefits.

  • Vitamins and minerals: boost immunity and health development
  • Proteins: build and repair body tissues
  • Calcium: together with vitamin D strengthens bones
  • Carbohydrates: provide energy that is slowly released
  • Fibre: improves digestion; promotes a healthy digestive system; makes you feel fuller
  • Oils: aid absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals; stimulate the release of gastrointestinal hormone, which reduces the speed of digestion, thus reducing the desire to eat

And your emotional well-being will improve as you discover new cuisines and culinary techniques, whilst feeling more energised from the extra nutrients.

Is a balanced diet the key to weight loss?

In a nutshell, YES! It is the start of your weight loss journey.

Wholesome foods contain less empty calories, providing you with all the nutrients that you need, whilst making you feel full. Also, you will stop overeating once you give your body the right amount of protein and fibre. These two, especially when derived from plant-based sources, take the most time to digest, thus regulating your hunger. Most importantly, a balanced diet will initiate a lifestyle change, a change for the better. With all the extra energy, positivity and lack of cravings, you will get exercising and changing your habits in no-time!

Our fantastic Hernando Beach Dietitian offers incredible customized weight loss plans, which include the creation of a meal-plan based on YOUR lifestyle. This means, all you will have to do to have this magical balanced diet is follow the already designed meal-plan. Child’s play!

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Find out more about our Hernando Beach Dietitian

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