Is my 9-5 affecting my weight loss?

Nov 18, 2020

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The answer is YES! When you start to think about an office job from a weight loss perspective, it’s a horror story. It is so easy to eat and not take proper notice of it when focused on work. WE understad that. Therefore, we have created a list of 5 situations that are commonly found to be the main causes of weight gain at work and how to turn them into an advantage.

1. Meetings

I’m sure that we all share the same opinion – avoid meetings as much as possible. And sitting down for long periods of time, usually with food and drinks catered for, doesn’t support your weight loss in Brooksville. If the meetings are outside of the office, they occur in restaurants, or coffee shops, which generally do not provide options perfectly suited to specific diets. But, these are still be a better choice as the finger food at the in-office meeting rarely can even be described as healthy.

Solution: Go for active or short meetings whenever possible. If the meeting is informal, establishing things during a walk in a park can prove itself to be even more fruitful. If this is impossible, try to eat before meetings, so you are not hungry when surrounded by guilty-pleasures.

2. Sitting at your desk

It’s generally agreed upon that sitting down for prolonged periods of time increases your chances of suffering from obesity, cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. Some studies even stated that the side effects of sitting down for long periods of time are similar to those related to obesity and smoking.

Solution: Avoid sitting down for prolonged periods of time. Mayo Clinic references a study of over 1 million people, which found that “60 to 75 minutes of moderately intense physical activity a day countered the effects of too much sitting” If you can, try to walk more during your work time – get water from the machine furthest away from you. You can also stand up at your desk – set yourself daily goals of how much time you want to spend standing up, challenge yourself. But, if those are not possible, make good use of your lunch break!

3. Traveling to work

Driving to work can be a blessing. For many of us work is exhausting and/or it is too far away to even consider a different form of transport. Changing habits is never easy, so maybe after a week of two of cycling to work, you will get used to it. But, what about the change of clothing, long travel time and the need for a shower?

Solution: To make the transition period easier, make use of audiobooks. Listen to something that truly captivates you on your way to work and you won’t even notice when you have reached your destination. Most workplaces offer changing facilities, so enquire about yours! Alternatively, check other buildings nearby.Cycling is not your only option – you can also walk, or take public transport. Even walking to and from the train station or bus stop is an improvement. Or, even just start with parking your car further away.

4. Within your reach

During busy periods at work it is much easier to keep everything nearby to avoid wasting time. This often also includes food. Maybe you have to work during your lunch break to avoid staying over-time, or breaking the “flow”. But, keeping food at your desk usually leads to overeating of the wrong kind of stuff – the unhealthy, grab-and-go food.

Solution: The easiest thing is to opt for healthy, filling snacks. Maybe take lots of fruit and veg with you alongside some legumes and nuts for protein. Or when you know that work will become more demanding soon, spend one afternoon preparing your food for the week ahead. Our Hernando Beach Dietitian will tell you exactly what to put in your tupperware to keep your weight loss plan on track! Another option is to drink a lot of water. Also, our bodies often confuse thirst for hunger, so have a variety of exciting drinks, like flavoured teas, or isotonic drinks, available at your desk.

5. Elevators

This one comes hand-in-hand with driving to work. Many times our offices are in tall buildings, and walking up 6 flights of stairs in office attire sounds daunting. And frankly, like a waste of time.

Solution: Taking the stairs is a truly great way to get more exercise! Take a spare pair of shoes with you, change into them when you reach your office and give the stairs a try. Take your time. Maybe for the first week you will only be able to go up half of the floors – it’s okay. With time and persistence, you will be able to tackle them all without breaking a sweat! And the best thing is: you will not bump into anyone there.

As you can see, your job, and how you go about it, can play a major role in your weight loss. And taking advantage of it requires only a few little changes! Make your commute to work one of your fitness challenges, use your snacking habits as a way to hit your recommended 5-a-day. Preparing in advance and making regular small changes is key!

Do things on your terms, on your own time scale – with our customised weight loss plan, we guarantee you will see fast, sustainable results.

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