My Health Plan

Lifeguard Urgent Care and MyPrimary’s exclusive monthly
subscription plan

Fees starting as low as $49/month – typically less than insurance premiums
Plans include discounts on unlimited visits, lab testing,
and prescription medications*
Four different opction, one to fit every budget

Monthly fees discounted for family members*

Monthly fees discounted for family members*

What is my health plan?

My Health plan ia a monthly subscription plan providing discounts for medical services offered with in the my clinicians network specifically for use at lifeguard urgent care and myprimary

What option are available?

My Health plan offers four levels of coverage Elite premium and basic plans include services offerd by lifeguard urgent care and myprimary also available is the urgent care only plan providing discounts for services offerd at lifeguard urgent care only

whatever your budget there is a myhealth plan for you!


How do I Quality?

Enrollment in MyHealthPlan is easy! And your benefits are available immediately!
There are no waiting periods or eligibility exams, no denials based on pre-existing conditions.
Talk to any member of our Lifeguard Urgent Care or MyPrimary team for more information and how to enroll.
Don’t have time to chat right now? Complete the information form on the back and we will reach out to
answer your questions and get you enrolled!