Online Weight Loss Consultation

Online Weight Loss Consultation

In this new normal after lockdown, our online weight loss doctor and dietitian here at Batista Weight Loss and Wellness clinic are now offering online consultations to bring our services even closer to our clients.

Thanks to digital technology, you can now book the services of our online weight loss doctor to help you with your weight loss journey. Clients who want to benefit from our professional advice, tips, and guidance, especially when it comes to diet, can join our online diet plans from home or wherever they are, as we now offer consultations over the phone or through Zoom.

With COVID-19 still posing a threat to everyone’s health, keeping your immune system strong should be a priority. So it is important to know that, when following our diet plans, weight loss has been proven to boost a person’s immune system.

online weight loss consultation

How Our Virtual Weight Loss Clinic Can Help You

According to a study in the journal Clinical Diabetes, an online weight loss facility could effectively address the major challenges that diabetic patients experience with managing their condition. If you have diabetes, a heart condition, or you’re generally overweight and you want to start a good diet program, you may do so by consulting our online dietitian and online weight loss doctor.

Our services are available 24/7. During our online weight loss consultation, we collect your personal information and medical history. We also guide you to meet certain milestones through a diet plan that’s specifically customized to your needs and expectations.

Even on a digital platform, our virtual weight loss doctor and dietitian can still monitor your progress such as your weight, lifestyle, daily diet, sleep hours, and other key elements that will help determine how well you are progressing with the program.


Having your own weight loss coach accessible from anywhere can improve your adherence to the program and fuel your motivation. You can enjoy these benefits and so much more without having to risk your health by going outside. Simply fill out this form to get started.

Did you know? A study has revealed that mobile online weight loss consultations helped a group of patients achieve a 5% clinically significant weight loss within four months. In contrast, the other group without virtual consultations and coaching lost only 1.81% of their total body weight.

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We believe that weight loss is a personal journey, so one-size-fits-all will not produce the best results. Our virtual weight loss programs are customized to the weight loss goals of each one of our clients.

To come up with an individualized and tailor-made diet plan for you, we take into consideration your BMI, fitness level, lifestyle, medical history, and other factors that our virtual weight loss doctor and dietitian find helpful.

Our weight loss online doctor and dietician have years of experience and have changed the lives of many patients by helping them achieve their weight loss goals. We have 3 diet plans you choose from initially, which we then customize.

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Our highly qualified weight loss experts at Batista Weight Loss and Wellness: Susan Batista, RDLD; John Batista, M.D.; Stephanie, M.A; and Valerie, Office Staff, together have decades of experience working with weight loss patients.

At the Batista Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic, we believe that successful weight loss depends on two factors – the knowledge about how to lose weight, and following through on your weight loss plan. Our expert dietitians in Brooksville will provide you with a customized weight loss plan and regular face-to-face interaction and motivation.

To create your own customized weight loss plan with us and achieve sustainable weight loss in Brooksville, don’t hesitate to contact us on (352) 600-3476 or drop us a visit at our clinic: 443 Mariner Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34609, USA.