Popular Detox Diets 1: Pros and Cons

Nov 18, 2020

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There are many reasons why people engage, or want to engage, in detox diets. They hold the promise of cleansing your body, making you feel (and become) healthier and improving your quality of life, whilst allowing you to lose weight. It all sounds incredibly appealing – and it certainly is. But, what detox diet should you try? With so many diet regimens floating around the internet, it is hard to decide which one will suit you best!

If you consider detoxing on your own, we have made a handy breakdown of the first 2 of the most popular detox diets to allow you to make an educated decision. We will explain what each diet is, but most importantly, we will give you a place to compare the pros and cons of each one.

How about we start with what a detox diet actually is?

In our last detox article “5 signs that your body NEEDS a detox we explained the wonderful things a detox diet can do for you and how to recognise that your body is begging for a detox.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics states that detoxification is the process that transforms molecules that need to be removed from the body, or “toxins”.”

Our bodies have a natural detoxification system, which removes toxins through urination, defecation, respiration and perspiration. The effectiveness of detoxification depends on your genes, environment, current health condition and DIET! Therefore, you can make your detoxification run more smoothly and more efficiently by adapting a detox-specific diet.

2 diets: a breakdown


This diet is pretty self-explanatory. You replace, or supplement, meals with a fresh, juice made from wholesome, natural ingredients. The length of your juicing diet depends on the intensity with which you want to juice and your goals.


  • Juice Recipes believes that juices can be tailored to a particular health goal – whether it is detoxification, or arthritis. The right juice will not only help your weight loss in Brooksville, but will also be customized to your nutritional needs.
  • Affordable – you will only need is a juicer and the ingredients you probably already have at home.
  • Convenient – you can make a big batch at home and take it with you to work, to the gym, on a walk, or to a friend’s house.
  • Initially, you might feel more tired. However, with time the regular shot of vitamins and minerals will give you a huge energy boost.


Even though juicing is convenient and simple to make, it is undeniably time consuming – especially, if you are not used to cooking. If you chose to replace all of your meals with juices, you will feel hunger more often.

Raw foodism

Often, people associate raw foodism with veganism, which is not wrong. This is because, as explains, raw foodism is based on the idea that food heated to more than 118oF is toxic or poisonous. Although, it does not intrinsically exclude the consumption of raw meat, fish or dairy.


  • Lower body fat – lower consumption of processed sugars and additional fats from cooking, or from animals.
  • Affordable – you will save money on your shopping as meat and fish are usually the most expensive food items. Your electricity bills may be lower, too, as you won’t need to cook food.
  • If all nutrients are provided it promotes better heart health, a lower risk of diabetes and improved digestive health.


Adequate research MUST be conducted prior to starting the diet. This must be related to food safety and nutrient intake. The most common consequences of bad nutrition is deteriorating bone health, compromised immune system or increased risk of dental erosions. Amenorrhea (missed menstruation due to reduced production of estrogen initiated by extremely low body fat) may also occur as a consequence of depriving the body of essential nutrients.


The most important thing to remember is that in many cases it is incredibly difficult to find out what diet plan will be most optimal for you. I’m sure we have all been through the process of starting a new regime and after a while not seeing any results. And with incorrect detoxing, you might even be seeing negative effects. So, your best port of call is to consult our Hernando Beach Dietitian, who is an expert in customizing diet plans.

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