Summer Holidays and Weight loss: Your TO DO list

Nov 18, 2020

We all want to look our best on a sunny beach somewhere in the Mediterranean, or at a swimming pool, but it is hard to stick to your weight loss program during this season. With all the busy work schedule before the holidays, delicious ice cream everywhere, late-night cocktails and constant heat, it is almost impossible to follow through with your goals.Our dietician deals with this every year, and we know that only a few little changes in your life can make these glamorous summer days fun and in-keeping with your goals of weight loss in Brooksville. With the holidays just around the corner, we have created an easy to follow list of 5 things you can do this summer to maintain your amazing look!

5 things to do this summer to maintain your amazing look

1. Keep hydrated

In the summer heat it is important to keep well hydrated because we sweat more, our body uses the water to cool down and physical activity becomes more strenuous. The thirst signals in our bodies are weak and we often confuse it with hunger. Therefore, on hot days don’t get confused by the feeling of hunger – drink a bottle of water, wait for 20 minutes and if the feeling subsides, then it was just thirst.

Many people do not like to drink plain water, but that is not a problem. Add some fruit, like lemons, berries, and apples, or even spices like ginger to your water to make it more isotonic and delicious.

2. Meal preparation

Cooking can be an enjoyable activity, but on the hot days all you want to do is get home, take a cold shower and relax – not stand in the hot kitchen with things cooking. This is where we succumb to the unhealthy takeaways and ready meals. You can compromise not having to cook everyday with your weight loss program, just plan ahead. Make time once, or twice a week to prepare food to last you a few days.

3. Eat natural food

Summer is basically synonymous with ice cream, cold treats and cocktails, and these do not go well with weight loss. You do not have to completely say no to them, though! Just opt for natural substitutes. Home-made banana, or coconut ice cream, home-made vegan desserts, and natural juices are much better for your health than the shop bought, processed varieties.

Regarding cocktails, impress your guests with a pitcher of low calorie alcohol with fruit pieces and juices, herbs like mint and spices like ginger, or cinnamon, for extra minerals, vitamins and flavour.

4. Gradually do more exercise

There are many easy ways of introducing more exercise into your daily life. From taking the stairs instead of the elevator to going for a walk during your lunch break. In our article “Is my 9-5 affecting my weight loss?” we explain what daily work-related routines affect your weight loss and how you can easily turn them around to aid you.

5. Always carry snacks with you

With our customized weight loss plans, the Hernando Beach Dietitian makes sure you do not starve yourselfand that your weight loss journey is enjoyable. So, make sure to take snacks with you wherever you go!

We know after breakfast, on a full stomach, we feel motivated and in good will don’t take food with us because we know we can wait until lunch, or dinner. In many cases, that turns out to be wrong. We get hungry before lunch, or dinner and in the spur of the moment we buy an unhealthy snack. Again, plan ahead – take a trail mix, or a salad with you wherever you go, so when hunger strikes you are not relying on unhealthy processed food.

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