Summer Holidays: Your NOT TO DO list

Nov 18, 2020

summer holidays - not to do list

In our last article we talked about the 5 things that you should do this summer to keep your weight loss racing without a struggle. We all know that every weight loss plan comes with having to say goodbye to some of our favorite things, but it doesn’t have to be hard. The key is understanding what our bodies are telling us and what we are consuming.

Below, we have compiled an easy to follow list of 5 things that you should not do this summer to maintain your weight loss in Brooksville. With every point, we explain that it is not as restrictive as it sounds, so give it a shot!

1. Don’t overeat

Research has found that the sensations of hunger and thirst are similar in many ways, which is partially influenced by the change in food supply and eating patterns. Namely, the consumption of energy-yielding drinks and foods with diluted energy density, through the use of ingredients like sweeteners and fat replacers. Another study found that thirst occurs more often and more consistently throughout a day than hunger, and thirst is more motivating to drink that hunger is to eat. These mean that oftentimes we can mistake hunger for thirst, and it is more likely that we are thirsty than hungry throughout the day.

Therefore, we suggest (and you must have heard this before) that if you are feeling peckish, or have a craving, drink a glass or two of water, or lemon water, to eliminate the thirst first. If the hunger sensation prevails, then you know it’s time for a meal.

2. Don’t drink sugary cocktails

This one we all know and choose to ignore. Sugar, especially processed sugar contributes to weight gain. Usually, people can distinguish between sugary, and non-sugary foods, however it is a little harder with drinks. But, there is no surprise that sodas and cocktail mixers are full packed of sugar! A great tool by The USDA National Nutrient Database allows you to check the nutritional values of hundreds of beverages.

The values that should stay with you are that distilled spirits like rum, vodka, gin, contain no carbohydrates, or sugar per serving, However, liqueurs already hit the highs of at least 10 grams of sugar per ounce. Soda, tonic water or juice contain around 4 grams of sugar per ounce. HOWEVER, some of our summer-night favorites like margaritas and pina coladas contain OVER 30 GRAMS of SUGAR PER SERVING!

The take home from this is that cocktails are the worst for weight loss. Say goodbye to sugar and calorie loaded daiquiris, and have a glass of wine (at 1-8 grams of sugar per serving), a beer, or a small spirit instead.

3. Don’t buy just any ice cream

We have all been in a situation where we look at the food label and struggle to understand many of the words. And this is because these are additives, or chemicals used to improve the texture and flavor. However, do you really want these chemicals in your body? Home-made ice cream is your solution. Many people praise it for its benefits – easy and quick to make, you chose the exact flavor you want, avoid all the nasties, and adapt it to your special needs (dairy free, low fat, etc.).

Fight the urge on a hot summer’s day! Instead of ice cream, get a cold drink and wait for the ice cream until you get home. But, if the temptation is just too much, or you want to treat yourself, don’t compromise your weight loss goals and opt for natural ice cream made with ingredients that you understand.

4. Don’t follow “crash diets”

This is something our Hernando Beach Dietitian swears by! At our practice we know that a “crash diet”, or a starvation diet can cause more harm than damage. This is because of the impact it has on your metabolism. As we explain in our article “Boosting your metabolism: Part 1” entering the starvation mode means that your body is burning less calories and stores fat as a defence mechanism against starvation. Additionally, the UK National Health Service explains that some diets, particularly calorie-restricted diets, force your body to break down muscle for energy – the lower the muscle mass, the slower the metabolism. This makes it easier to put body fat back on after coming off the diet.

Therefore, not only do “crash diets” reduce your metabolism, which takes time to build back up, but they also make it more likely that you will gain body fat after stopping the diet.

woman exercising

5. Don’t abandon your healthy habits on vacation

We know this one all too well. Who doesn’t want to look their best on vacation – on a sunny beach, at the swimming pool, and in timeless photos? You work HARD to reach your goals, just to crack and endlessly indulge in local treats because “you’ve earned it”. And when you are back from your vacation, it’s back to square one – all the efforts have been wasted.

This is the problem with “crash diets” and diets that make you unhappy. We believe that a weight loss plan is not a “diet”, it’s a positive change to your lifestyle based on gradually developing sustainable healthier habits. Our customized weight loss plans don’t only make you feel good, determined and proud. The change of habits will allow you to not feel tempted even when you’re surrounded with your favorite local treats. And this will make your weight loss long term, not just a “2019 beach body goal”.

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