Waistline-Friendly New Year’s Eve

Nov 18, 2020

waist line friendly new year's eve - woman holding capsicum

The holidays are a joyful time filled with love, relaxation, and – let’s be honest – masses of delicious food! This season is not the time to say ‘no’ to yourself or others. We all worked so hard all year, it’s a worldwide ‘treat yourself’ time. We are not against letting your diet slip for a day or two because weight loss (including weight loss in Hudson!) is not about making yourself miserable.

However, it is crucial to quickly get back to your weight loss program, so the couple of cheat-days do not become a week or two. And this does not have to be as hard as it sounds! We have compiled a list of 4 things you can do before New Year’s Eve to get back on track of your weight loss in time for the party.

Only prepare healthy snacks

One of the easiest ways to trick yourself to eat healthier foods is to not put yourself in situations of temptation. Fill your festive table with healthy snacks and dishes, so even if you snack on the leftovers in the evening, they are not going to massively hinder your weight loss journey. Do the same for your NYE party – healthy food does not have to be boring and your guests will thank you for it!

If you don’t give yourself an unhealthy option, you won’t eat it.

Eat before going out

It is difficult to feel hungry during the holidays with all that divine food beautifully resting on every surface in the house. Leaving the house is an opportunity to give your stomach a break. However, as psychologists and nutritionists say, if you keep yourself hungry for too long you will overeat.

Again, weight loss does not have to be a fight between restricting yourself and then overeating. Trust your body and the food that you’re eating. In order to stop yourself from getting hungry in a situation where temptation is easy to succumb to, eat a decent meal before heading out.

We make better food choices when we’re not hungry.

Opt for lower-calorie drinks

This is a biggie that people forget about – drinks have calories too! As we explain in our recent article, distilled spirits like rum with tonic water or juice are your best options as they only have about 4 grams of sugar per ounce (all coming from the mixer). If we compare it to a liqueur, which has at least 10 grams of sugar per ounce, we see that a night of drinking can have a different impact on your weight loss outcomes. You can still enjoy your night with wines, or cocktails based on juices, rather than soda.

Avoid sugary cocktails like Margaritas, Pina Coladas or Daiquiris. Use the USDA Food Data tool to check the nutritional value of the most popular drinks.

Train your appetite today

We are creatures of habit – even our appetite adjusts itself to your routine. After a few days of festive binge eating, set a routine with specific eating times, so when NYE comes your appetite will be nicely scheduled. It is generally recommended for weight loss and good sleep to eat your last meal around 4 hours before going to bed. And luckily NYE parties happen in the late evening. So, if you practice no eating 4 hours before bed for a few days when it comes to NYE your appetite will be sleeping at the party.

Working on reducing your appetite, or changing your cravings will make you ready to face temptations on the night.

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