Weight Loss Brooksville: Patients’ Testimonials

Nov 18, 2020

Hudson Weight Loss – 3 reasons why your efforts to lose weight fail

Losing weight can be a challenging process, especially if done without proper guidance and in an unsupportive environment. We decided to share some of our patients’ testimonials we collected over the years to emphasize the importance of having someone in your corner. Someone who will help you start making better, healthier choices and cheer you up in moments of doubt. Someone like our Weight Loss Brooksville Specialist, Susan West-Opyoke, RDLD. Keep reading to find out what the patients have to say about her.

“Dr. Batista’s Weight Loss program has
allowed me to lose 60# in just three months.
I enjoy very much the very professional,
friendly and supportive staff. I hope to lose
an additional 50# and I am very confident
with their help I can and will.” -R. Olson

“This is the most
impressive staff and office
that I’ve ever dealt with.”
-L. Caniglia

“A special thanks to
Susan for helping me take
my A1C from 9.4 to 6.1!“
-R. Spillers

“Positive results
with a wonderful
support system!”
-G. Vasquez

“Susan has been an inspiration to me by
helping me make good menu choices. She has
made suggestions for me when I travel as well
as when I am at home. She is very professional
as well as very supportive in helping me meet
my weight loss goals in a very healthy fashion.
She is a great role model.” A.M.

Dr. Batista’s Weight Loss Program is by far the safest and successful diet program I’ve tried.
I’ve lost 30lbs and counting!
What sets Dr Batista’s program from the rest is having a registered dietitian, Susan West
Opyoke, there to educate and support through the process. Best of all, she makes herself
accessible anytime. Weekly visits keep me accountable and encourages maintenance of diet
and exercise. I feel lighter and am more active than before the program. Dr Batista’s office
staff is wonderful to work with!
Thank you Dr. Batista and Susan West Opyoke for bringing me back to a healthier quality
of life and to the office staff for your kindness and competent care you provide!
This program is worth every penny!

“Thank you Dr. Batista and
Susan for bringing me back to a
healthier quality of life and to the
office staff for your kindness and
competent care you provide!”
-C. T. M

“Great staff and very
informative. Weight loss plan
is easy to follow! Awesome
support material to go along
with the plan!” P.C.

“Thank you Batista Weight
Loss and Susan Opyoke
for helping me reach my
goal! Your knowledge and
encouragement finally gave
me the motivation to stay
on track. Not only have I
reached my goal but I feel
so much healthier and have
more energy!” D.S.

If you struggle with counting calories and working out to the point of exhaustion, know that losing weight can actually be an enjoyable and most importantly, rewarding process. After completing the program, you will never think of going back to your old ways of unhealthy eating. We have a 100% effectiveness rate and a number of happy patients who can attest to that. If you want to become one of them, contact us today and make an appointment with our Weight Loss Brooksville Specialist.