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We all know that losing weight is not easy. This is why having support is so important. Support can come in many forms, but having a local weight loss clinic in Spring Hill gives you that face-to-face interaction and motivation which can make all the difference. This page will tell you about our Spring Hill weight loss clinic, including about our staff, the services we provide, and the answers to any other questions you may have. 

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Who Are The Clinical Staff?

Our weight loss clinic in Spring Hill is proud to have two experienced clinical staff who are available to help you develop and meet your weight loss goals. We have a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian onsite, as well as a Medical Doctor. Having such qualified staff gives our weight loss clinic the clinical skills and experience required to meet a range of weight loss needs. Read more about our Spring Hill Dietitian.

What services are available at our
Spring Hill Weight Loss Clinic?

Everyone is unique. This means that not all weight loss goals are the same. Plus not all techniques work universally. Our Spring Hill Dietitian will one with you on a one-on-one basis to create a customized weight loss plan and treatment schedule specific to your individual requirements. Depending on your exact circumstances, your treatment plan may include any of the following:

Weight Loss Plans without Appetite Suppressants
Dietary Programs for Medical Conditions
Vitamins & Supplements
Diet Management
Ultra Slim Shot Injections
Diet Management
IV Nutrition by LiqIVida

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Why Choose Our Weight Loss Clinic?

As mentioned, weight loss is not easy. Being able to lose weight depends on two factors: Firstly, knowledge about how to lose weight. Your specific circumstances will determine how your body functions and which strategies will work better for you you than others. Having a Registered Dietitian to guide you through this process is hugely helpful, as it means you are not ‘driving blind’ and have a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience to assist you. Secondly, losing weight requires you to follow through on these plans. You can have the best weight loss plan in the world, BUT if you are not able to follow through on it, then it is essentially useless. This is where having a local Spring Hill weight loss clinic is essential. Having that regular face-to-face interaction with someone local helps to keep you on track and motivate you to achieve your goals.

What Are The Causes Of Obesity?

We hear it in the media all the time – the USA has an obesity epidemic. According to some reports, over 40% of American women are clinically obese. The picture is not much better for men or children. But how has this happened? In short, the answer is down to diet and lifestyle. The modern day lifestyle affords us many luxuries. Unfortunately, most of these luxuries are not helpful in terms of staying in shape. Let’s take the simple invention of the car. Almost all of us use one – after all it is just so convenient. However, this dependence on cars has led us to walk and cycle less. Let’s also look at the average workplace. Many years ago, a greater percentage of the population were employed in more active occupations, such as farming. However, nowadays, due to a combination of outsourcing many professions to other countries, as well as mechanization of labor, less and less jobs can be considered “active”. This has steered many people toward the tertiary job market, which usually involves being hunched over in front of a computer.

Why Lose Weight?

There are so many advantages to getting in shape. 

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Live Longer

Perhaps it’s not surprising, but being in shape increases your longevity. Some reports state that America is going to experience its first generation of people who have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. So please join us in helping to turn this around and help people live healthier, longer lives!

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Reduce Health Costs

The medical costs of treating obesity-related conditions are getting higher and higher. This leads to increased insurance premiums – or even higher costs if you are uninsured. This is why investing in losing weight is a good investment. Every dollar you spend at losing weight at our weight loss clinic in Spring Hill will likely save you much more later on in healthcare costs.

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Be Happier

It’s logical that – if we are healthy – then we are happier. if you have health problems related to obesity (for example diabetes or heart disease) – then you are likely to be unhappy about this! Life is difficult enough without these additional health problems, stay healthy and in shape to cross these problems off your list.

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Look Great

Whether we like it or not, our sense of self is often attached to our appearance. If we feel – and look – healthy, then we are likely to feel better about ourselves. Let’s admit it – it feels good to leave the house knowing that we are in shape and ready to face the world.